Final Presentation & Report  

Over these past few months, Team Mobile Strategy has been working diligently to provide Jin Jiang with recommendations regarding its mobile application strategy. Our team learned several lessons after working in-country and delivering the final presentation.


  1. Expectations evolve. Up until the last week before delivering our final presentation, we received new information from the client that changed our recommendations.
  1. Support recommendations with data. Wherever possible, use data to support your recommendations to the client. The data we used to support our recommendations were both qualitative and quantitative. In our final presentation, we made sure to provide the client with adequate data and quantitative research to support our final recommendations.
  1. Keep the message simple. Given the language barrier, it was even more important for our team to keep our recommendations clear and concise. Despite having a translator present, it was important for our team to convey a message that could be translated easily to the client.

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