Final Presentations and the Tour of Bosphorus

Turkey Final day

So it is finally over. This wonderful experience of Turkish business and culture ended with our final presentations and a great tour of Bosphorus.

First the presentations, the hard work of a full semester came to an end with a conference room presentation of each of our projects. The first day was the Risk Management and the Financial structure group’s presentations, we were lead in to a small board room that was not really meant for 30+ people, but in the world of consulting you have a adjust your game plan and adopt to the environment.

I think both of the groups presented their ideas quite well, we had a small language barrier but we overcame it with mine and our professor’s translations. The second day was the natural gas team’s presentation. They also had a very impressive presentation and there was no language barrier for that client but they had a far more amusing problem. Turkey is a very much a tea culture, every meeting has to have tea involved and most companies regardless of their size will usually have a tea server. This particular Tea Server was so focused on making sure he did his job perfectly that he could not care less about how disruptive he was to poor Greg’s presentation. He was banging glass walking in front of the projector, picking up empties while blocking everyone’s view. Giggles became very audible in the room due to the absurdity of the situation. Greg kept his cool and finished his presentation and overall all of the clients congratulated us on our hard work and we all felt accomplished.

Well what do you do after a job well done? You party on the Bosphorus!

The night of the final presentation we got on a chartered boat for dinner and drinks. After the dinner it was time for dancing. Everyone started to show off their skill (or lack there of) and we were having a great time letting it loose. Eventually the music was turned down so, we all thought I guess it was time to leave, but no! A belly dancer showed up and it was time for an authentic Ottoman experience. She showed off her skill and tried to teach us how to shake it to varying degrees of success. When it was time to get off the boat everyone seemed pretty emotional, some “I can’t believe it is over”s and some “good grief we are done with the first year”s

One of the most unique things about the GW’s GMBA program is now behind us and it was an incredible experience!


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