2015 Projects

Clean Tech, Sweden

Agribusiness, Rwanda

Financial Services, Turkey

Smart Cities, India

E-Commerce, China

Clean Tech, Sweden

Clean Technology - Sweden CAP

Clean Technology – Sweden CAP

CAP Sweden will take students to Malmo and Stockholm to explore the country’s CleanTech sector. Many years of concerted efforts have assisted the development of a strong industry, and many new and exciting product concepts have emerged. Some of these have been commercialized and introduced to overseas markets such as the U.S..

Due to the dynamic changes in the US “green” climate. i.e., consumer attitudes towards green products and policy supporting green innovation and technology, the US market currently presents an interesting opportunity for Swedish CleanTech companies.

In this course, students work as consultants for small to midsize Swedish CleanTech companies. In each project, students will help their client identify strategic and market opportunities to enable them to enter into and succeed in the US market. Most of the projects involve the creation of a market entry or expansion plan, which at times includes additional strategic considerations pertaining to the U.S. CleanTech market. CAP Sweden consist of four teams.


Anna Helm is Assistant Teaching Professor of International Business at the George Washington University, currently teaching courses on international marketing management, green business, and foreign market analysis. A member of the GW School of Business community since 2006, Dr. Helm has taught numerous courses involving real client projects. For four consecutive years she offered international residency courses to Sweden within GWU’s Global MBA Program, focusing on CleanTech and marketing strategy. For 2014, she developed a similar GMBA CAP program with Argentina as the destination, again with a focus on the CleanTech industry. She was also recently recruited to serve as a faculty advisor for the 2014 Global Business Project consortium based out of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, and accompanied a team of MBA students to Southern Brazil in May to engage in a consulting project with a company in the media industry.

Agri Business, Rwanda

Agri Business Rwanda CAP

Agri Business Rwanda CAP

CAP Rwanda is oriented around business skills to foster economic development. Students are divided into four teams to work with Rwandan small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) recognized as having potential for growth. Although the SMEs will not be in any specific industrial sector, the prominence of agriculture in Rwanda implies that clients will likely be working in or serving the agri-business sector. Students would have to work in teams to deploy and combine skills in finance, accounting, strategy, and marketing to advise the SMEs regarding their business development challenges.

As an example of the type of clients that students are consulting with, one of the clients is a Rwandan producer and exporter of high quality fully washed coffee beans. The Company is well established and recognized as a producer of high-quality coffee. Since its Foundation in 2011 the Company has generated a profit every year. The company is based outside of Kigali. The area has perfect conditions for coffee farming and the company receives the supply of coffee cherries from up to 2000 small-scale coffee farmers. This company is looking into introducing “coffee tourism” to their business. This would open up facilities so tourists can get an understanding of the process from growing coffee cherries in the field to the finished product – the perfect cup of coffee. This company seeks recommendations on how to introduce coffee tourism.


Reid. W. Click is Associate Professor of International Business and International Affairs at The George Washington University, where he teaches courses in international financial management, macroeconomics for the global economy, and international economics. He received M.B.A. (1987) and Ph.D. (1994) degrees in Economics and International Business from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Professor Click is an expert on international financial risk and risk management.  His academic research is predominantly empirical, and examines exchange rates and exchange rate risk; political risk; firm value; central banking; international commercial banking; and the integration of financial markets. His research has been published in leading journals, including Economics LettersJournal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Japan and the World EconomyJournal of Economic Dynamics and ControlInternational Journal of Finance and EconomicsJournal of Asian EconomicsDevelopment Policy Review; and Journal of International Business Studies. He is currently serving as Associate Editor in the field of international finance for the Journal of Asian Economics.

Dr. Click has been a consultant for several international organizations.  He currently serves as an advisor to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Development Credit on matters pertaining to international financial risk and risk management.  He has also advised the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Financial Services and Energy Sectors, Turkey

Financial Services - Turkey CAP

Financial Services – Turkey CAP

CAP Turkey takes students to Istanbul and involves projects on some of the most robust and competitive sectors of Turkey, a high-growth, dynamic economy situated in one of the most challenging regions of the world. This year’s projects focus on the financial services and the manufacturing sectors. The identified three specific projects provides GMBA students with an opportunity to work in teams to combine their marketing, finance, strategy and general management backgrounds. Students will be able to apply their analytical skills into the specific projects on companies operating in an emerging economy that has not only a fairly large (75MM) and young population (domestic market) but also a customs union with the EU as well as access to rapidly growing new markets in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.


Abdullah Akyuz is currently the President of Momentum Consulting, a consultancy firm specialized in finance and business development. Additionally, he serves as Senior Advisor in charge of Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia at Transnational Strategy Group, a strategic consultancy firm based in Washington, DC. He is also a Board member of three financial companies.

Between 1983-1990, he served on the Capital Markets Board, the Turkish equivalent of the SEC, as an economist. In June 1990, he became the Director of the Bonds and Bills Market of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). In May 1994, he became the Executive Vice-Chairman of the ISE, overseeing the operations of several departments until his departure. He led the team which set up the world’s first “organized repo market” at the ISE, which soon became the largest organized financial market in Turkey. Mr. Akyuz has also served as a Board Member of the ISE-Settlement and Custody Bank, Inc., as well as a member of Treasury’s “Domestic Borrowing Advisory Board”. Between 1999 and 2011, he served as the founding President of TUSIAD-US (Turkish Industry and Business Association’s US Rep Office) in Washington, DC. He has published numerous articles in the fields of Turkish economy, securities markets and US-Turkey relations.

Abdullah Akyuz received his B.A. degree in Economics and Finance from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Ankara (1983), his M.A. degree in Economics from the University of California-Davis (1986), and graduated from Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program (1996). He currently resides in both Istanbul and Washington, DC.

Smart Cities and Crowdfunding, India

Smart Cities - India CAP

Smart Cities – India CAP

CAP India will allow students to explore the various aspects associated with developing, financing, and marketing a real estate project in a rapidly developing country. One of the goals of a smart city is to use digital technologies to enhance the overall wellbeing of its citizens by reducing costs, and resource consumption and to actively engage citizens. In Mumbai, India, students will learn about the special challenges that come with such a task and will be expected to find solutions. While the projects are being analyzed in a rapidly developing country, it is still relevant to similar projects in the United States which also demand critical analytical skills. The knowledge about the aspects discussed in this course will be essential to compete successfully with “foreign” competitors. Dr. Geurts has visited this project site twice before with students and has a close relationship with the multi-faceted firm that is developing this project, VIVA.


Dr. Tom G. Geurts teaches Finance and Real Estate courses at The George Washington University since 2011. After earning his Ph.D. in 1998, he has specialized in Global Real Estate and has been invited around the world to speak on this topic. These include the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the University of Amsterdam, and the Technical University of Berlin where he was the commencement keynote speaker of the 2008, 2011, and 2012 Masters in Real Estate program.

Tom’s research, supported by numerous grants, has led to more than 25 publications, which have been published in peer-reviewed journals and has also written one book and is currently working on another one, titled Global Real Estate Capital Markets: Analyzing Risk and Return, accepted for publication by Oxford University Press. He has co-organized one global Real Estate conference, namely Real Estate Strategies 2006 – Central & Eastern Europe Conference in Gdansk, Poland (June 2006) and is currently organizing another one for The George Washington University in New York, titled Global Real Estate: Where Does the Smart Capital Flow? (March 2015).

Dr. Geurts was awarded the Philip H. Sieg Fellowship at Pennsylvania State University where he earned a Ph.D. in Real Estate Finance. He received a master’s degree in Economics (1991) and Political Science (1992) from the University of Amsterdam, and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Higher Technical College in Zwolle. He has been awarded numerous recognitions for his teaching qualities.

E-Commerce, China

E-Commerce - China CAP

E-Commerce – China CAP

CAP China engages students in the phenomenal development of e-commerce in the Chinese economy. As China shifts structurally from export-led and infrastructure-induced development models to innovation driven and consumption driven growth strategies, e-commerce has been embraced as the new engine of China’s economic growth. The tourism sector has witnessed intense competition in e-commerce, as evidenced by the rebranding of Taobao Travel to Alitrip by Alibaba Group. Students will work with a Shanghai-based, leading hospitality e-commerce firm on business integration, brand development and mobile applications. These consulting projects provide opportunities for students to hone their consulting skills in management functional areas: such as strategy, marketing and technology applications. In addition, students will benefit professionally from a dynamic team experience in a cultural context that values personal trust and relationships.


Larry Yu is Professor of Management and Tourism Studies in the Department of Management at the George Washington University. He has been involved in international tourism and hospitality development and education since 1979. Dr. Yu’s teaching and research interests focus on international hotel development and management, particularly on hotel project management, strategic business development, corporate culture, management innovation, knowledge management and guest satisfaction. Dr. Yu is leading the GWSB GMBA CAP program in China in 2014 to provide consulting services to both Chinese and international hospitality firms on strategy, branding and marketing.

Dr. Yu is the author of The International Hospitality Business: Management and Operations. This book was also published in India by Jaico Publishing House. He is also the co-editor of Tourism in China (2nd edition) and A Host of Opportunities: Introduction to Hospitality Management. He recently co-authored a new book on Heritage Management, Tourism, and Governance in China: Managing the Past to Serve the PresentHe has published over 40 research articles on international tourism and hotel development and management. Dr. Yu consults often with government agencies, international aid organizations and business organizations, such as the International Financial Corporation, United Nations Development Program, and US Agency of International Development. He also consults with international hotel corporations in business development and quality management and worked on tourism and hospitality programs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. Yu serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Vacation Marketing, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, Journal of China Tourism Research and Tourism Science (published in China). He was a Fulbright Scholar to the National University of Management in Cambodia in 2007 and currently holds visiting professorships at three universities in China.


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