It’s a wrap, we’ve made it!!! Murakoze Rwanda, it’s been a blast!!

We made it!! That was the overwhelming sentiment as the group sat down for one last dinner together at the close of our program just days ago.  Final presentations were done, clients were pleased, and it was almost time for us to leave this great country. It was only fitting that we would have traditional African/French buffet as the concluding meal, capping off a glorious two-week run.  In this piece, I will highlight some of the activities during the last leg of the trip, as well as some of my personal favorite experiences throughout the trip.

Once we returned from the safari, a handful of site visits remained before our final presentations. One of the more interesting ones was with Sina Gerard, a self made millionaire who showed us around to all of the places he had built from his fame and fortune. We even went to the farm that produces the peppers for his famous chili sauce (see link below) and some crazy GWU students tried eating the hot peppers!

The day before presentations we had meetings with representatives from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and then took a site visit to the U.S. Embassy. But all that was on everyone’s’ minds was the presentations the following day!

Presentation Day: Team Wilson Tours was second in the order of presenters. Luckily, we had several representatives from Wilson Tours arrive at the hotel to watch us present our final recommendations. In the end, we achieved our goal of delivering excellent recommendations that our clients can use as they continue to grow their business. It was a great experience getting to know Wilson and Albert, and we wish them all of the success going forward.

Team 04 with team wilson tours.

Team 04 with team wilson tours.

Cap Rwanda, it's a wrap!!

Cap Rwanda, it’s a wrap!!

Now, for a brief countdown.  I will leave you all with a short list of the top three things I will miss about Rwanda after these two short weeks.

3. The food: African buffets, Zen, Indian food…I could go on…!

2. The scenery: Everywhere you look in Rwanda are rolling hills filled with beautiful trees, plants, etc. Pictures don’t do it justice.

1. The people: Both my GW colleagues and our new friends abroad were who truly made this experience an unforgettable one.

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and so did this unforgettable journey. It was a great time for us to be in Rwanda, given the transition period they’re going through in-terms of both social and economic reformation. Moreover, it was a remarkable experience working with all members of our cap team and getting a chance to barter dreams and insight motivations. All in all, an experience beyond expectations, encompassing both professional and personal realms. Now, as we’re gearing up for the summer, I must say…Murakoze Rwanda!!!

Murakoze Rwanda. Dear home, here we come!!

Murakoze Rwanda. Dear home, here we come!!


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