Initial Recommendations & Analysis Presentation, Motherson Sumi India

Another guest blog for India Team 1. This time, it comes from team member Saleh Al-Othman, regarding our initial presentation of the business value recommendations and analysis on April 22.


For us, today was a good day. We presented our complex presentation with a great deal of understanding of the project and how unique it was. Our presentation was presented by all of the team: Wenmei Pan started, and Greg wrapped up with myself and Brian in between.


Wenmei leads off

Wenmei illustrated on the map the supply chain situation Motherson Sumi (our client) has in sourcing its 4,000-5,000 child parts from 80 suppliers distributed throughout the globe. She summarized the supply chain in three subsequent stages (procurement, assembly, delivery) and talked about the class of problems faced in this supply chain. Next, I took the audience through the process map more in depth, then presented the Out-Bound Logistics for a typical dispatchment transportation lead-time. After that, I went through our literature review in how to optimize freight cost.


Yours truly with a process map of all three stages

The microphone (imaginary) or the little remote control (actually) turned to Brian, our team’s chief Executive Officer or Captain, so to speak, to go through our literature finding on procurement, assembly and lead-time optimizations. Greg summarized the team situation in addressing our client’s problem “areas of focus,” as well as data collected, pending data requested, and finally the value adds our team is prospecting to deliver! We are still developing our solutions, but we definitely are getting closer and feel like we are on the right track. Three weeks from now we will be presenting live in India!


The whole team. Our peers are in the second row, and the clients will be in the first row in 2 weeks! Photos courtesy of Varun Rajendran


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