Teşekkür Ederim (Thank you), Turkey!

The last evening of the trip had us ready for a farewell dinner in a private boat along the Bosphorus. A fitting end to a 2 week program that far exceeded our expectations!

While everyone had heard about the interesting geographic location of Istanbul, most of us were unprepared for the cultural and economic stature of the country. As an international student from India, which has over 1.2 Billion people from various cultural backgrounds, I thought it would be hard to impress me with culture and heritage. However, Turkey did just that.

In our two weeks in Turkey, besides our clients and our consulting project, we visited a University, the International Financial Corporation, a non-profit organization that is attempting to break all cultural and social barriers, an entrepreneurial media company, 3 large diversified multinationals, a banking company and a business confederation that represents an annual business value of over $208 Billion.

Having said that, one of the reasons I loved the program is that the business activities were balanced out with our own time for leisure. In groups and separately, we were able to visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophie, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus (which is an ancient wonder of the world), the Topkapi palace museum, the beaches of Kusadasi, the Greek village of Sirince, the grand bazaar, the spice bazaar, the basilica cistern and enjoyed our long walks in the streets of Istiklal.

I’d love to say that our trip to Turkey was exactly what we signed up for, as part of the Consulting Abroad Program. But I’d be wrong. Consulting was merely a small part of the program. In a broader sense, it was a foreign program that involved cultural, political and economic exploration of a country and an understanding of how different organizations including finance, media, diversified conglomerates, non-profits and multinational firms that operate in the region. All this while having fun and forming a stronger bond with our GW classmates. For lack of a better simplified acronym, let’s just call it CAP.


On board the private boat ride along the Bosphorus


Farewell dinner on the boat


The ancient wonder at the Temple of Artemis


The house of Virgin Mary


Presentation at Turkonfed


Visit of Borusan, an office that doubles as a museum!


GW team near the Bosphorus


On board our private boat for the farewell dinner


Enjoying the selfie-able view at Borusan

4- Wed May 20th- 20150520_120134

At the Park Bosphorus with Professor Akyuz

3- Tue May 19th - 20150519_124114

A moment with the team inside the Hagia Sophia


Group travel at the Istanbul airport..


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