Final Presentations and farewell to Rwanda!

The final day came. We faced obstacles in our journey, and had to work hard to get here. Our project, which initially was modeling crop productivity in Rwanda, had a big shift in scope. One of our biggest worries was being able to deliver a valuable product to our client. We wanted to make sure that RAB was going to find useful our contributions, and were going to be able to build on them afterwards.


Dr. Ndayisenga and team RAB

Our initial contact, Dr. Ndayisenga from RAB, was able to join us for lunch and the presentation. We got to know more about him during lunch, since it was a more relaxed ambience. We got to see pictures of his family, and are certain he was celebrating when Arsenal won the FA Cup in England last weekend.

Our presentation went by smoothly and I am proud to say all our teammates did a good job. The main points of our presentation came across clearly and our client understood our main points. After clarifying some of his doubts, we thanked him for joining us, and delivered the final report and presentation to him, and other people at the Ministry of Agriculture and RAB that had helped us complete our project. We are happy with the quality of our work, and hope that our client will find our recommendations useful.

All of our classmates had interesting projects and proposals, and seeing them interact with their clients was insightful. It was evident that we had developed some good relations with the people we met. We also had some of the clients join our farewell dinner later that day. Even Yvon (our guide in country) and Gaga (our driver) were there to say goodbye.


Rwandan landscape

There are no words to express everything we learned and the experiences we had. We became closer as a group, and we got to meet people in Rwanda and also learn from them. We contributed some of our knowledge in return, hoping we had given the best we could. This is not a goodbye for Rwanda, not a goodbye for Africa. This is a “see you soon”, and thank you!


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