India CAP Team 4 Posting, sixth week

Note from Varun: Last week we did not have a blog entry, but instead we present one for this week, week six. The following was written by my teammate, Max Sandler.

Last week was one of the most productive that we’ve had as we prepare to leave Washington, DC for Delhi, India to meet our clients. We had a very productive call with our client on Tuesday and received some much need data. We are looking at multiple options to recommend for our client and it has been difficult to get the appropriate data to support our recommendations. As our relationship with the client has progressed it seems like they both recognize and appreciate that we have accepted their problem as our own and are doing our absolute best to solve it.

Varun presents the issue slide; it's changed a bit since we started

Varun presents the issue slide; it’s changed a bit since we started.

During last week’s call we asked the client what, exactly, they thought the issue was. What’s interesting is that it varied markedly from what we thought with our initial call. It’s interesting to think that we have come through this process together and it’s very possible that given our pointed questions from week to week the client has also come around to the possibility that the problem may be different than what they initially thought. If our call was a bit contentious a couple of weeks ago, it was far from it last week. Our team is really hitting our stride at the right time. Not only are we working well together and completing our assignment, but the client seems to be pleased with what we’re doing.

By the end of last week our team had a good final draft of our presentation. On Thursday we were given the opportunity to present to a panel of former GWSB alums and professors. Our presentation was strong, but we were still lacking some of the data necessary to support our solutions. We prepared well and were well organized and our delivery reflected that.

Presentation Photos (5)

Max is giving some background on our client to the judges

Presentation Photos (2)

Andrew presenting the Literature Review section, which while important to get a background on the issue, will become less once we are in-country.

Presentation Photos (1)

Misun presenting what is probably our most important section – the Solution Approach. There is no quick fix but with some number crunching and thinking through, we can get there.

We received positive feedback from the judges and all were fair in their assessment. The bottom line was that we still had work to do, but that is something that we understood going into the final presentation. We were also given great alternative ways of attacking the problems which we will strongly consider for our final recommendations. Our team felt confident in our presentation and we expected the criticism that we received. The feedback gave us some direction as we finish our work in DC.

This week, we will have our final team meeting to further evaluate the new data that we received from our client. It should be enough to complete our analysis and present hard data to our client. With that, we will wrap up our project here and look forward to being on the ground in India.


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