Go Girl Power, Go Argentina!

Done with the the final presentation! Next stop, Argentina!

Done with the the final presentation! Next stop, Argentina!

It is our great pleasure for us to work with our client IMPSA for our Consulting Abroad Project. IMPSA is a one hundred year-old company that provides integrated solutions for power generation from renewable resources, equipment for the process industry and environmental services. It is the largest renewable energy company in Argentina and has international operations in South America and Southeast Asia. Their original task is for us is to identify and recommend the two most ideal countries in Africa for them to make their hydro and wind investments. Due to time constraints, the scope of work was gradually reduced to only identify one country for their hydro project and develop a strategy for their entry into that country.

Our team is composed of three first-year MBA students. Yes, we are small team compared to other teams of 5-6 people, but we have great ambition to provide the best solution to other client’s problem. We are luck to have three strong players from different backgrounds with different strengths. Iola Anyan has many years experience in finance and project management and she is very good at reporting and analysis, process improvement, research, presentations and editing. Na Hu, as a PhD in chemistry, has a strong technical acumen through more than six-year experience in research and development. She is in charge of the technical issues for this consulting project and makes contribution with her strong quantitative data analysis skills in the weighing matrix. Alexandra Mao, an expert in government relationships, has been conducted extensive research in cultural, economic and political analysis for the targeted African countries. She is very strong in research, presentation, writing and editing.

As a team, we have been working really hard on this project and now we cannot wait to go to Argentina and meet our client. We believe this is going to a fantastic trip where we can apply what we have learned from GW business school to the real world difficulties. We will keep you posted about our adventure in Argentina. Please stay tuned!



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