Presentation Run Through: The Beginning of the End

Walking back to our seats after answering the last of the questions from the expert judges, Team MRT started to think about how we’ve gotten to this point.


Since learning of our project, the team has been in full on new experience mode. With little clean energy or consulting experience, we felt slightly overwhelmed, but eager to impress. After our initial meeting with the client, the team scattered for a week over spring break. 

The next couple weeks were filled with watching videos, becoming masters of the GW’s online databases, and wearing out Google Scholar. Next up was our first group of expert panelists. We were riding high and ready for confirmation on our ideas. Instead, the panelists shot a nice cool breeze of fresh ideas towards us. It was just what the group needed to get the best possible recommendations.


After a couple more weeks of research and group meetings we met with more experts with additional fresh ideas. The time had finally come to start shaping all our ideas into a report and PowerPoint. What ensued can be best described as a 4 person jury deliberation. Sitting in a room for hours hammering out every possible detail for the presentation. Now it was time to SUIT UP and blow away the judges.

Before we got back to our seats we stopped thinking about what we had just presented and how far we have come. The beginning of the project was over. We were now officially in the final stages…the fun stages. Off to Sweden!


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