Murabeho, Rwanda

The view headed to Lake Kivu

The view headed to Lake Kivu

These past 12 days have been transformative. For most of us this was a first trip to the East African Countries, for all of us it was a first trip to Rwanda. The country was so beautiful, from east to west, and we all learned so much about business, agriculture, Rwanda and ourselves.

For me, it was eye-opening to be so close to so much agriculture and to work so closely with agricultural exports. Having lived in cities my whole life, it is so easy to be far removed from my food and where it really comes from. To see food being grown and processed and to understand how it gets from the fields to the port is a very good reminder of the work that goes in to feeding Americans and the rest of the world.

A lot of us chose CAP Rwanda for the experience of working in a developing country, and we have gotten than in spades. We’ve also gotten so much more. We’ve gotten to experience a hidden gem of a country, with gorgeous vistas and wonderful people, one that most of us may never has visited on our own. We’ve gotten to meet schools full of young adults hoping to one day study in America. We’ve seen and smelled firsthand how tea goes from green leaf to brewed. We’ve met the Minister of Agriculture and the most successful businessman in Rwanda.

But all good things must come to an end and we have said our farewells, headed back home and we’re starting our internships and bringing all our lessons with us. So, murabeho, Rwanda. And murakoze.


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