Team Scypho Day 11 Client Site Visit

After the very positive feedback received from the meeting with Trued at Malmö, Team is extremely excited to finally visit Scypho’s entire team at its home office in Stockholm. Scypho’s headquarter is centrally located in Stockholm, only one metro stop away from where we stay. Charlotta welcomed each of us with a warm hug as soon as we stepped into the office.

A brief office tour started. The office setting is very start-up like: open, vibrant and creative. The white board at the common space captured our eye; every day a list of targeted problems and progress check is updated on the board. On the other hand, the open office kitchen design makes people working there feel like home. Sound proofing fabric wall provides some privacy and helps to conduct phone meetings. We also take a look at the lab where new products are tested and packaged.


Ten minutes later, Trued jumped off the call. A brief greet & meet session started. We had some Swedish snack and chatted with everyone in the office. Apparently we were all tasked with a brainstorming session together with Scypho employees. The goal was to come up with a target list for Scypho to partner with for its US market entry. We were all assigned into different groups. Brainstorming with Scypho employees was super fun. As we brought in our consulting expertise, Scypho people chimed in with their great knowledge of its product and the company. We soon came up with a list of companies that Scypho should partner with.

Before presenting final ideas, we sat down for a traditional Swedish meal. The meal started with singing traditional songs while drinking some snaps. Led by Trued and Charlotta, we learned a couple German songs that accompanied with snaps. We felt like real Swedes and enjoyed every bite of the meal. The meal ended with a Swedish dessert consisting of candy and nuts. During the course of the meal, each team presented their ideas and elevator pitch for each target company.

Trued and Charlotta were very thankful of our work and we all received a traditional Swedish wood horse as a little gift. The conversation lasted for a few hours. We left the office with a sense of accomplishment. We truly believe in Scypho’s future as a leader in smart home innovation. We are glad to be part of it in such an early stage!



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