Team Naturelgaz, Turkey – Final presentation and a happy client!

After nearly 5 months of preparation, GW team Naturelgaz made its final presentation in the presence of the CEO, CFO and the head of logistics of the company.

Naturelgaz, a subsidiary of Global Holdings company, is the largest distributor of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for industrial purposes in Turkey. With large revenues and as the owners of the world’s largest CNG filling located in Turkey, the team wanted to expand even further and wanted to consider improving its operations and gas transporting model. Thus, our team from GW was assigned with the task of exploring the most advanced and recent trends in the American CNG transportation processes and to recommend suitable ones to our client.

As part of our research we came across a few dozen innovations that we thought would be suitable for Naturelgaz. However, when we explored the viability of the technologies in the Turkish market and calculated the ROI for many of the processes, it was hard to justify implementing most of these.

However, after extensive discussion and planning, we came up with about many suggestions and 3 major recommendations that we believed would be useful for the clients:

1. A technical innovation on the material used for the transportation that could increase profit margins per trip by over 100%

2. A business expansion plan to extend operations into other fields that could would be a sustainable source of income over the next decade

3. Non-market strategy of working with the government and bureaucracy to support the CNG business.

The response from CEO was more than overwhelming especially when he candidly spoke to us that while all 3 recommendations were appropriate, 2 of the 3 were completely new and one that they had not considered early and areas where they would definitely consider after seeing our presentation! As a consulting team, we couldn’t ask for more!

After the presentation, had a long Q&A session to address all the queries the Naturelgaz team had. Upon completion and thanking the client for their hospitality and support during the project..

Completion of the project means we were officially half way down the journey towards our MBA degree!


A moment with the team before the presentation


Presenting our technical recommendation


Final summary of the presentation


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