Sherefe to CAP Turkey team

So finally after 5 months of intense team work, Skype meetings with the client and market research the project teams submitted their final reports and presentations to the companies. We were all excited to get this opportunity to interact with the corporate clients on a face to face basis and present them our analysis of the project and our recommendations. The fact that the executives actually confirmed that some of these  IMG_0450 IMG_0487recommendations would be discussed with the senior board and actually implemented in the near future gave us immense satisfaction and helped us increased our confidence as professional consultants.
After the presentations were over, the students were then free for the entire day and some of us decided to pay the colourful bazaars a visit – Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar to shop for some souvenirs to take back home. The farewell dinner in the evening was a grand celebration with a cruise across the beautiful Bosphorus river and breath-taking views of the city in the evening. The surprise of the night was a traditional belly dance event performed by a local belly dancer and it was fun to see all the students join the dance and try their hand at dancing. It was a perfect end to the journey we embarked on in January and we were all so sad to leave this beautiful city. New friends were made, new memories were created and new experiences were shaped in every day of this 2 week-long trip.

This GW CAP program has given all the students a great opportunity to explore the projects in their area of choice and work with the real life problems that the corporations face and act as consultants and present solutions to resolve these problems while remaining with the time and schedule constraints. Also the opportunity to explore a foreign land gave the students some interesting insights on the global aspects of doing business. This CAP experience is definitely going to be one of my most memorable experiences of the MBA programs and I strongly suggest all the students to fully utilize it.


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