Team MRT: Meeting and Developing Relationship with the Client on Site

On Monday May 18th in Malmo Sweden, we met our client, CEO of MRT in person even though we had already been in touch via emails and Skype. On that day, we begun with greeting each other in the hotel. We then moved to a nearby restaurant for a lunch discussing culture, business customs of Sweden and the United States. After the lunch, we went back to the hotel for a meeting and recieved feedback about our updated writing report about the marketing plan to help the client enter the U.S. market. At the end of the day, we moved to the centeral part of Malmo and had a nice dinner in an Indian restaurant.


It was quite a productive day. One of the important things we have learned was building relationship with the client and finding out what the client is really requesting on our marketing plan. Also, we have found out that not just a business talk, but also having other topics such as culture, hobby etc. is quite important to shorten the distance and develop further trustful relationship with the client.


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