The Fascinating Field Trip of the India CAP Crowdfunding Team

Last Wednesday we had three meetings with innovative companies who partner VIVA. Each company, although in their early stages of operation, were profitable and ensured us of a promising future. All three companies could use Catapooolt’s crowdfunding platform to raise additional capital for expansion.

The first company we met, CASHTECH group, offers security for banks and ATMs. They have contracts with companies such as HSBC, DeutschBank, and Citi Bank. Cashtech group provides security services within the physical locations of the banks as well as the locations of the ATM machines. They are looking to expand in the next year.


The second company we visited, EasyWay, offers a cloud based storage interface for companies and individuals to file and categorize important documents digitally. They visit the clients on location and scan documents ranging from birth certificates to tax forms and upload them to their cloud storage. Clients are then able to access their documents through an intuitive user interface.

The final company we met with is a shipment management company called, Nestein Shipment Management. They demonstrated their sophisticated software that keeps track of all packages inbound and outbound to ensure that the shipping process maximizes efficiency and minimizes the errors that happen during shipping processes.



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