Rwanda: Day 2- the crunching begins!! (RDB and Educat)

On Tuesday, May 19th, we gathered information from two meetings: first with Faustin Karasira of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), and second with Andreas Norlem and Anders Jacobsen of Educat. At RDB, Faustin was generous with his time and not only explained RDB’s goal in promoting the tourism industry within the country but also highlighted recent initiatives. For instance, beginning on the first of May, RDB began a viral campaign aimed at domestic tourism which showcases the variety of ways in which Rwandans can explore their country. This campaign relies exclusively on social media, and interestingly was heavily reliant on phone applications such as WhatsApp.

in front of the RDB head office

in front of the RDB head office

In regards to our client, we confirmed that RDB was not only aware of Wilson Tours (Wilson) but thought Wilson to be a unique enterprise. Faustin went on to praise Wilson ingenuity and energy, as well as to recommend that our client continue to advertise through free mediums such as social media. When asked if our client should expand into radio and print advertisements, Faustin reminded us that any marketing campaign is limited by a company’s actual capacity to deliver its products. As such, because of Wilson’s relatively recent debut and limited capacity, we agreed that Wilson should make only moderate forays into other advertising channels; specifically, we decided to limit Wilson’s campaign to radio and not use print media at this time.

Later in the day we met with Educat CEO and founder Andreas, as well as advisor Anders. Educat is an incubator company within Kigali which assisted Wilson through the company’s launch and initial development, including advice, website creation, and logo design. The company’s office was reminiscent of incubators in Washington, D.C. such as 1776, with many employees working on their laptops in close proximity with a lack of any cubicles or walls. Educat continues to offer their assistance to Wilson, particularly through financial training like utilization of Quickbooks for proper documentation. After about an hour of speaking with Andreas and Anders, Albert from Wilson joined us to continue discussions. This was the first time we met with a member of our client company, and we found him to be both knowledgeable and friendly. Later that day we also found out to much of our surprise that we got a shoutout on Educat’s twitter feed. Here;s the link:

Sincere work always pays off!

Sincere work always pays off!

Intense client meeting at educat's head quarter in Kigali

Intense client meeting at educat’s head quarter in Kigali


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