Site Visits in Kigali

All CAP Rwanda teams have been able to visit local companies and institutions. Team RAB has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort that both the private and public sector are putting into increasing economic development and enhancing the agricultural sector. These are some of the site visits:

IMG-20150520-WA0006East African Exchange (EAX)

The EAX is a commodity exchange company. Its objective is to connect farmers to multiple markets, and in consequence, get better prices for their products. It also allows farmers to access storage facilities, minimizing post harvest losses, and making it possible for farmers to use stored products as collateral for loans. The EAX helps increase confidence of the banks, improving relationship between them and the farmers.

Ministry of Agriculture

We had the pleasure to meet the Honorable Minister Gerardine Mukeshimana, who talked about the Ministry’s mission, institutes and programs. The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources is responsible for the increase in quality of life by ensuring food security, increasing animal production, and ultimately reducing poverty. The RAB and National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) are some of the institutes that implement the Ministry’s programs. CAP Rwanda has one team working for each of these institutes!

Plantation and irrigation system

The Ministry of Agriculture coordinated the visit of the plantation. Dan, our guide, explained how the system works and how the Ministry was able to build these simple yet effective canals that bring the water flowing in a nearby river closer to the plantation and allows for up to twice as much irrigation. The fun part was getting to the plantation, which included a hike on a steep terrain, and crossing a river in our business casual attire. Getting there was totally worth it, and we got to see by ourselves how the system works and the difference it makes to farmers.IMG-20150522-WA0002IMG-20150522-WA0005IMG-20150522-WA0006

Team RAB is continuously amazed by the development efforts the country has made, and also the beautiful landscape!


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