Going Green in India?: Focus Group Discussions

Our first few days in India were packed full of touring and getting to know the city of Mumbai.  Later in the week, we were able to begin meeting with our client, VIVA Group, and getting their input on the progress we’ve made so far on our projects.  Our team is focused on how VIVA can market sustainable (“green”) real estate in India.  One of the priorities we had while in India was to host focus groups of target consumer groups to learn how Indians view sustainable real estate and understand the viability of Viva’s strategy.


Viva Supermarket in the town of Virar, where our client is a large developer.

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to visit Virar, the suburb of Mumbai where Viva has planned developments.  While we were there, we met with roughly twenty students who attend Viva University.  Our team was able to ask them frank questions such as, “Would you buy a sustainable house?” and “How much more would you be willing to pay for a sustainable home?”  We learned so much from their responses and their insights are directly informing our client recommendations.  India is changing rapidly, and the students provided a unique perspective on the future of sustainability in the country.

Our group with some of the students from Viva University.

Our group with some of the students from Viva University.

Afterwards, the students from the hospitality department at Viva University prepared a delicious meal for us featuring Indian cuisine and desserts.  We shared the meal with the students and professors who participated in the focus group.  Everything was delightful and we had a wonderful time!  Many thanks to Viva Group for arranging this opportunity and to the students from Viva University for their time, insights, and hospitality!


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