A dash of economics, a pinch of politics and a whole lot of entrepreneurship..

The last working day of the week was one filled with enough information to compete with a full day of class at GW, only because we literally started the day with a class on economics by Dr. Seyfettin Gursel, who has been heading the economics department of the Bahcesehir University for about 36 years. A lesson with a complete explanation of the current economic situation, the reason for the interesting GDP growth patterns in Turkey and how the current political platform and the upcoming elections in June would create a lot for a long-term effect on the secularist views of the country.

We were also privileged to meet and listen to Professor Sabri Sayari, a specialist in political science and had once been a visiting faculty at George Washington University as well as Georgetown. It was interesting to hear about how the various political parties, neighboring countries, particularly Syria, political parties including the AKP and Kurdish party and other entities such as the ISIS.

After a quick seafood lunch, our afternoon meeting was with Serkan Sevim, a serial entrepreneur and current CEO of Medionova, a media streaming facilitator with over 60% share in Turkey. A motivational talk by a man who made it on his own. His personal experience of moving to the US, starting his own companies in the US as a foreign MBA student in Baltimore, selling those companies at Millions of USD, and returning to Istanbul to start 2 more companies was easily one of the best talks we’ve had so far. Sevim clearly also inspired many of the foreign students in our CAP program to consider starting up our own firms, despite all the challenges we were bound to face!

As always, due to the structure of our CAP program, for every hard day of work, we would have a relaxing evening to unwind. Our TA took us to a vibrant area of city to have a lovely meal by the water, with an ambience that can be matched only by few other places. However, the real adventure is scheduled for the next morning as we fly to Izmir and enjoy some famous tourist spots and spend the evening in a resort at Kusadasi!


At Behcesehir University



At the Medianova Office


Serkan Sevim explaining his entrepreneurial adventures!



Dinner by the Bosphorus


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