Meeting Our Client and My First Experience as a Translator

Lider Faktoring!

Yesterday we met our client face to face for the first time. Lider Faktoring was located in the twenty fifth floor of a skyscraper in the financial district of Istanbul in an area known as Sisli. Their office was very modern and decorated very well, the conference room that the client placed us had an incredible panoramic view of the Bosporus. We all were very impressed to say the least.

After a few minutes of official introductions we got down to business. The client asked me to be a translator to avoid any possible misunderstandings, even though I was born and raised in Turkey at this point of my life I feel significantly more comfortable speaking in English instead of Turkish, so I knew this was going to be interesting. I believe I did an acceptable job, the only real issue was that I learned a lot of terms especially financial terms in English and I was unaware of the Turkish translations. It was an interesting experience and I respect official translators a lot more now.

Lider Faktoring is a very impressive company in terms of their accomplishments in the financial sector and in the factoring sector in particular. What was even more impressive was the fact that the employees seem to really believe in the mission statement and the vision of the company. They seem to really believe in the value of their employees and they were very open to our suggestions and by being very open to us, Lider helped us finalize our suggestions. This was the ideal situation of a client-consultant relationship. I am personally very excited about our presentation to them next week.


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