Natural gas, Frozen Lemonade and The Riot Police..

So here we were, fresh out of a break to meet the core company that we were working with for the last few months.

Naturelgaz, Turkey’s leader in Compressed natural gas gave us the task of evaluating the business model of natural gas logistics operations in the US and recommend suitable improvements to Naturelgaz’s existing business model. As part of this session, we were able to present our draft report as well as clear many of our queries before we got ready for the final presentation next week.

Following the session and the GW team meeting to plan further actions, Professor Akyuz, our CAP faculty was kind enough to take us to one of his favorite places to unwind after a busy day. It was impossible to not comment about the fascia of the building when we saw an old building with an elevator big enough for 2 people and a board that said Leb-i-derya. However, were we in for a pleasant surprise when we got to the rooftop of the building with a panoramic view of the city of Istanbul, being able to see the Bosphorus strait, the two continents, the monuments and the old palace. One of the best things about Turkey so far has been the abundance of beautiful scenic views!

Even more interestingly, on our way back, we had the ‘opportunity’ to bump into the Turkish Riot Police, preparing to take action against some potential protests. We were warned to keep distance as they were loaded with tear gas and water cannons with permission to deploy at will. Nonetheless, we thought it would be worth a shot to get a picture with them. And as luck would have it, one of them was kind enough to hold down his rifle so that he could put his arm on my shoulder to pose for a pic!


With the Naturelgaz team


Meeting the Riot Police near Taksim Square


A moment with the Riot Police!  Photograph Credit: Sushma Shetty


The bloggers at Leb-i-derya with Professor Akyuz, and Esra, our TA


Lunch with the group and a custom-made bread for GWU!


Frozen Lemonade!


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