Rwanda, more than just mountains and gorillas!!

Rwanda is a country gifted with lush green mountains and breathtaking landscapes. However, we feel it’s the people’s humble resiliency that sincerely depicts the splendor and appeal of this spirited nation. Twenty years after the genocide, Rwandans have shown the world that a nation through collective focus and vigor can recover from extreme violence spurned by separation and hatred. We could also not help but notice the slow, steady, and consistent promotion of entrepreneurship and private sector development throughout all the social and professional spectrums of Rwanda.

A true depiction of post genocide Rwanda

A true depiction of post genocide Rwanda

It took only one day for us to conclusively admit that the common denominator of all the recovery and development variables is a balanced combination of thorough orders and pertinent rules. In order to rebuild a country after an atrocity like the genocide, which in Rwanda’s case left more than one million local people dead, a society that hoped to recover at all might need a sense of security and stability. In some cases, order and rules are the most effective ways to achieve these. From the very moment we stepped into the Rwandan territory, we could sense a unique and different feeling- greater calm, slower movement and astounding cleanliness. These were all byproducts of order, calm, and enforced rules (to a surprising degree). The streets were wide and extremely clean, with little to no trash to be found. Motorcycle taxi drivers wore helmets and safety vests. Honking was almost non-existent.

The land of thousand hills

The land of thousand hills

We could already tell that a pulsating and unique experience is upon us. We anticipate not only a distinctive and rewarding experiential experience, but also an opportunity to add value to a nation’s attempt in attaining sustainable growth in the tourism industry (one of the biggest contributor to Rwanda’s GDP) by strengthening the trend of domestic tourism in Rwanda.

Rwanda- 'The Switzerland of Africa'

Rwanda- ‘The Switzerland of Africa’


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