CAP Turkey-Istanbul- A Fusion of Cultures

Today the CAP team went on a tour of Istanbul city with our guide Mr Atilla. The trip today was made memorable with the stunning views of Bosphorosu strait connecting the Dead Sea and the Sea of Marmara, the colorful Spize bazaar, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum . Our guide gave us a wonderful glimpse in to the rich history behind the Roman buildings in the city and explained in detail the wonderful architecture of Blue Mosque(Sultanahmet) and  Hagia Sophia museum.

he beautiful mosques, museums and bazaars or the market places were an apt mixture of the rich and colorful history and the heritage this city offers and left all of us with awe. This trip today helped some of us know interesting historical facts like the Roman influence on the Turks, the rise and fall of the Church on the Eastern side , the origin of the various disputes between the different religions across the globe today. The fusion of the various cultures  and religions that Istanbul offers to the world makes it highly unique and the city has left us enthralled. Definitely coming back to visit this city.

Photo credit- Ipsita MallaIstanbul


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