In Country: A Good Day for Client Visits

On site for a visit to our client campus!

On site for a visit to our client campus!

Murakaza neza! Welcome! It’s been two days in Rwanda and your writer is finally acclimating to the time difference. This country is beautiful, just stunning. The Land of a Thousand Hills. Bright green land meets a crystal clear blue sky and rain in the evening cools things off a bit. Kigali itself is expanding at an incredible pace but never losing sight of its goal as a world-class city. There is so much to see and do (and eat!) here.

Now that we’re all settled, today was the day to finally meet our clients in person. One of the teams had had the good fortune to meet their client briefly in DC, but for the rest of us this was our first face-to-face meeting. Given the communication issues my specific group had, this meeting was particularly informative. We’ve come away with a better idea of what they do,  where they’re hoping we can help and what our next steps are, especially as it comes to future meetings and the people we should talk to.

Eric showing us around the campus

Eric showing us around the campus

Over the next nine days, we will meet as a group and several more times with our client and his colleagues to hash out the best recommendations possible. We have three exciting product groups to dig our teeth into—coffee, tea and pyrethrum—and we’re really looking forward to further exploration, or our project and of the country.

This weekend, we get to take a break from the grind and get deep into the eastern countryside. We’re going on safari! Saturday morning the full count of CAP Rwanda students (and faculty) board jeeps and head out to the Akagera National Park to spend a night outside the city and among the animals. Always new adventures!


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