Team 4 (Rwanda), it’s a go! From DC to Kigali!

One of the biggest highlights of the GWU Global MBA program is CAP. It gives students an opportunity to consult in a foreign country as well as to embrace a different culture. With the second semester of business school coming to an end and CAP readily approaching it is both a busy and exiting time to be at George Washington University School of Business. Our assigned project involves providing consultancy services to a startup company based in the tourism industry of Rwanda. Our focus company is called ‘Wilson Tours’. They have a unique marketing feature that makes Wilson Tours one of a kind. The company is focused on domestic tourism in an industry that comprises mostly of foreign customers. Our services will revolve around formulating and designing a holistic marketing plan and expansion plan that will not only help Wilson Tours expand its domestic tourist base, but also provide the company a sustainable growth plan. The vulnerability of the global economic pulse of Rwanda along with growing political instability in the region (mid-eastern Africa) creates a diminishing effect on the influx of international tourists in Rwanda. In order to create a financially sustainable and robust national tourism model, it is imperative for the Rwandan government to factor in domestic tourism in the equation which points to the saliency and complexity of our project.

The business essence of Wilson Tours

The business essence of Wilson Tours

Our team consists of Rachel Schiftan, Mike Nichols, Wai Tam, Bobby Goldfin and I (Taskin Shakib). Thus far, it has been somewhat of a challenge to get information out of our client. Even though we have not had fluent communication with our client, we have made some progress. Our team is working hard by trying to think out of the box, crunching numbers, and exchanging quality business ideas. However, no amount of research in the US could prepare us for the experience we would attain in Rwanda. Until then, goodbye!!

Using the Paul Friga approach!

Using the Paul Friga approach!


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