Merhaba, Bosphorus!

Welcome dinnerMerhaba!

So, here we were making the final journey to Istanbul, Turkey where we would have our much anticipated Consulting Abroad Program with our client Naturelgaz, Turkey’s largest Natural Gas company.

However, our introduction to Istanbul, started with Bosphorus, the strait that forms parts of the boundary between Europe and Asia.

Baked and smoked sea-bass, with shrimps and all, on the Bosphorus shore with Asia on the other side, mild sea breeze and personal blankets provided by the nice people at the Park Fora seafood restaurant. Finished up with some Halwa and Turkish coffee, which I have to say is stronger than some foreigners can enjoy the first time they sip!

Dinner experience aside, the introduction and warm hospitality with which we were received was something that got us looking forward to the rest of the trip. Besides just working with our client, we were eagerly waiting to hear more about the economy, cultural, corporate business, non-profits, investment banking and finance that we have scheduled for the upcoming week. Can’t wait!


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