CAP Turkey : Client Lider Faktoring,Optiming Finance Structure- Hoş geldiniz to Turkey!

Hoş geldiniz to Turkey!

One of my primary reasons for joining GWU was the enriching experience that the CAP program at GWU promised the prospective school students to gain by working with corporations or non profit businesses in diverse countries across the globe. I was lucky enough to be assigned to the first location on my list – Turkey. Boy was I glad when I finally landed on my CAP destination- Istanbul, the capital of Republic of Turkey. The view of Bosphorus river right in front of our hotel ‘Park Bosphorous’ was more beautiful than we saw back home while browsing the hotel website.The end to the evening with the dinner at Park Fora restaurant could not have been more perfect with the perfect location and stunning view of the Bosphorous river, wonderful architecture ,cosy ambience and last but not the least, delicious sea food.

The people here are pleasant and friendly and greet you with a warm smile to make you feel welcome. We have now learnt ‘Merhaba’ and ‘Sherafe’, which translate to Hello and Cheers respectively. We are looking forward to meet the dignitaries from the TSKB and learn more about the Turkish economy. Until we learn more Turkish, ‘Sherafe’ to our fist night here 🙂20150517_220046 IMG_20150517_232334 IMG-20150517-WA0011


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