The Merits of Diverse Ideas

I have always wanted to work with diverse sets of people to experience the mix of ideas, viewpoints, and the “Global” feel. As part of CAP Sweden, I have the opportunity to work in a team with one teammate from the United States, one teammate from China, another from Japan and one (myself) from India with our client based out in Sweden. This project has members from 5 different countries and 3 different continents. Well, I couldn’t have asked for more to make it a diverse experience!

The influx of ideas increased when our professor organized a panel discussion with professionals who are experts and some who consult in energy and clean tech industries. The panel members brought a wealth of valuable expertise on all the areas required for our project. These experts offered important input and raised questions and concerns we needed to address that would add tremendous value to our project. Our professor encouraged us to “take the project to next level” and the panel discussion greatly helped us to work on different aspects of the project.

IMG_3758The benefits of working on such diverse ideas are realized as the project progresses by integrating various ideas and thoughts. Most of the diverse ideas were aimed at solving common underlying challenges. Not only do we have a better understanding of important challenges but we now also have a couple of options to tackle each challenge. The team was empowered to look at our project from different angles while evaluating new recommendations. Importantly, our client was impressed when we had a discussion with the broad range of ideas!

Finally, being excited to be in Sweden for  next two weeks, I look forward to complete this project successfully and take away this wonderful experience!


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