Arriving in India

Enjoying dinner together on our first night in Mumbai!

Enjoying dinner together on our first night in Mumbai!

Our team spread across the globe over the past few weeks as we all took different routes to our destination: Mumbai, India.  Many of us were in Dubai, some went through Europe, others through China.  For almost all of us, this is our first time traveling to India.

For me, I had no idea what to expect from India.  Classmates warned, “it will be so hot,” but also added, “you will love being in Mumbai in the evenings!”  One friend gave the advice, “India can be extremely overwhelming for your first visit, but keep an open mind and you’ll love the culture and energy of the country.”  I spent most of the last few weeks trying to take her advice, trying to limit my expectations and keep my mind open and trusting that India would surprise me.

Despite the jet lag and general exhaustion we all are feeling, my friend was right – you can feel the energy of Mumbai as soon as you land.  The airport was crowded and loud, lots of large families and friends traveling together, excited to be arriving in Mumbai.  Leaving the airport, the streets were whirring with speedy taxi cabs and bustling with people walking every direction to and from their Sunday afternoon destinations.

Tonight, our team reunited from all our various destinations and enjoyed a dinner together in our hotel.   We are looking forward to a day of touring tomorrow orient ourselves to the city and its history before spending time with our client on Tuesday.  Until next time!


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