Corporate Social Responsibility in Southeast Asia

The CAP experience provides us with an opportunity to explore new cultures through a country’s cuisine, history, and interactions with the locals. Personally, I witnessed how businesses in Southeast Asia are adding corporate social responsibility practices into their operations.

For example, Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand is a rehabilitation center for elephants that have been rescued from street begging, logging, and tourism. Unlike the majority of trekking camps in Thailand, Elephant Nature Park promotes social responsibility by not allowing visitors to ride the elephants. Instead, visitors can interact with the elephants by walking with them, feeding them, and observing their behavior in a natural setting.


Inspired by Elephant Nature Park, a nearby elephant camp has decided to alter its operations by adopting a more ethical concept of care. This camp has removed the elephants’ trekking seats and painful bull hooks that were used for training. Elephant Nature Park is building a strong image through partnerships with the Save Elephant Foundation, the Serengeti Foundation, and the Elephant Nature Foundation UK. In doing so, the organization continues to spread awareness and rescue more abused elephants.


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