Its Crunch Time! Working with Team Members Spread Across the World

Everyone is excited and most of us are traveling and enjoying our vacation in different cities. The European countries are delightful! The craziness of finals seems distant and has been forgotten. All of a sudden, we have been hit by reality, we have to edit our report and only have one day to get it done. No one said business school was easy! The chaos begins again. We are all in different cities and it is difficult to communicate and coordinate. The different time zones are not helping either. How will we ever finish the report on time?

Finally, we are able to communicate and work on the report. It requires patience and what is bedtime for some is the time others are waking up at due to the time difference. After countless hours of emails and waiting, we made it! Our client has received the report with all our research and findings! This was quite an experience and we are now ready to meet our client. We are excited to be reunited and look forward to the delivery of the final product.



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