CAP Sweden’s first outside of the classroom experience

cap swedenThe students going to Sweden for their Consulting Abroad Project (CAP) had their first “out of classroom” gathering on Wednesday April 15 at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers, where we were treated to a delicious lunch. It was a great opportunity for our consulting teams of Envac, MRT, Scypho, and Qloss to convene and discuss all the details and plans for our upcoming trip to Sweden. It became quickly apparent that (as a whole) this CAP group had travel itineraries that would make even the most worldly traveler proud. Prior to arriving in Sweden, students are traveling through Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Holland just to name a few countries. Even a couple students planned on traveling to Russia after the project, really taking advantage of the international aspect of the consulting project. Besides discussing travel plans, students were able to relax and interact with other consulting teams to really understand their projects and get to know the most interesting facets (and challenges) the other teams have faced.

After the meal, the CAP Sweden students stopped next door at the House of Sweden, also known as the Swedish Embassy. Designed by Gert Wingårdh and Tomas Hansen and inaugurated in 2006, the House of Sweden is a perfect example of Swedish architecture that beautifully molds together function and form. Not only did it exemplify how Swedes value functional design and incorporating nature (holes in the ceilings looked like stars, the waterfall at the entrance of the building), but the building itself is a physical representation of Swedish values such as openness, transparency, and democracy. The whole day left us wanting more and in eager anticipation of arriving in Sweden for the “real deal.”


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