Pre-Departure: Dress Rehearsal

Team NAEB hard at work

Team NAEB hard at work

The semester is fast coming to a close and that means summer, sunshine and CAP! We were hard at work these last few weeks, wrapping up classes and gearing up for getting in country. We have thus far been primarily focused on research and ensuring that we have our ducks in a row for client meetings next week.

With an extra week between finals and the start of our residency, members of Team NAEB have split up and are working remotely. With visas and vaccinations taken care of, some of our team are already across the atlantic—on safari in Tanzania, exploring other parts of East Africa, or in Rwanda getting to know the country. Some of us are taking the opportunity to put our feet up and unwind here in DC.

Before all that, though, we had the opportunity to do a dry run of our presentations. It gave us a fantastic chance to present what we have so far in front of real professionals currently working in the field, a small business entrepreneur and representative from the World Bank. They had such fantastic critique to offer and really gave us a lot of consider. Once we’re in country, we’ll be able to combine their advice with everything the client can give us and hopefully in the end hand them the solutions they need.

Team NAEB presenting

Team NAEB presenting


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