The Future is Smart

Prepped and ready to go. That’s the feeling Bill, Justine, Lingzi, Lu and I share only days away from our arrival in Sweden. During the course of our second semester we’ve undergone a crash course on the rapidly developing smart home technology industry in the U.S. in order to best advise our clients at Scypho about the market and potential opportunities for their smart thermostat device.

From left to right: Nigel, Justine, Bill, Lingzi, Lu

From left to right: Nigel, Justine, Bill, Lingzi, Lu

Finding information on an industry that hasn’t quite taken off yet has been both exciting and challenging.  It’s exciting because these technologies provide a glimpse of a very near future. They offer a life where your home knows when you’re on your way from work and automatically adjusts the temperature, turns on the lights, and cues your favorite song to play once you arrive. The challenge was identifying legitimate trends and understanding what consumers want in an industry so young.

In order to get over this hurdle we pulled together several national consumer surveys as well as conducting one of our own. We got feedback from smart home/smart tech industry experts, analyzed policy reports and interpreted this data to become as close to, if not, smart home industry experts as we could. The most valuable insights, however, came from our clients at Scypho Trued and Charlotta Holmquist.

Scypho Logo

The energy and excitement that Trued and Charlotta share for Scypho is contagious. From our first Skype conference call, we knew this was a great project to work on; and it didn’t take long for the five of us to come together as a team to champion the Scypho cause. Justine, Bill and I were able to leverage our marketing and advertising backgrounds while Lingzi and Lu offered critical analytical and consulting perspectives. Together, I like to say, we form Voltron. Impressive on our own but unstoppable when our forces combine. As we gathered research and culled together our ideas, we became more and more excited about how Scypho might use the information. After weeks of discovery, we’ll soon be able to share and offer Scypho a glimpse of their future while they innovate ours.


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