Welcome to New Era of Crowdfunding!

Hey all, we are Team Crowdfunding from CAP India 2015! What we are trying to do now is help our client Catapooolt — one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in India invested by VIVA group, to expand their profit models and launch the adventure to the wide-open Asian market.

Most of you may know, crowdfunding is truly a “hot” concept these years. Yet we still want to talk about the basics a little bit. According to Wikipedia, “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.”  That explains the saying “Great things may be done by mass effort” perfectly.

Right now there are four types of crowdfunding models: Loan-based, Reward-based, Donation-based and Equity-based. And the last one is truly where all the capital flow, which is our client’s long-term goal we are now focusing on.

As a highly diverse team, we engage to provide an optimal solution for our client based on our previous experiences and professional skills gained from GW. Meet the team members:


We’ve finished the phase 1 research and can’t wait to fly to Mumbai for field trip now, because we believe that all the amazing things will happen there!


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