Dogus Group Visit and Final Sign off

Merhaba (Hello)

We had the opportunity to visit the largest media house in Turkey on our last day of business meetings. We were given a tour around the premises by their communications specialist. Some of their channels and businesses we witnessed included, the radio channel KRAL (15 million listeners), the sports channel Ntv and also the production room. We also experienced 2 live shows as they were airing on tv. One of them was on capital markets on CNBCe (financial news channel) and the other one being a cooking show. This is when some of us got our 5 seconds of glory. As we entered the studio, the camera crew unexpectedly panned the cameras on us and voila, we were live on Turkish television!

This exciting excursion was followed by a presentation on the Turkish economy and the various businesses under the Dogus Group umbrella. We learned about the partnership of Dogus group and CNBCe. It was interesting to learn that CNBC provides the technological know-how and global markets information to media houses in most countries. Once the markets close, the channel airs soap operas and other famous American tv shows such as Breaking Bad.

The entrance to the elaborate office:


Presentation in one of the fancy conference rooms:


Dan and I trying to impress:


The Turkey Crew with Professor Akyuz and our presenter:


Final Sign-off

Today is our last day of business meetings in Istanbul and it all seems bitter sweet. Bitter because none of us wants to leave Turkey, sweet because we are taking back a life time of memories. If you are a first year student and are reading this, let me say this with utmost confidence that this CAP was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I can now talk at length about Turkey’s economy, geography, history, business environment and fashion industry. Such has been the learning. This would not have been possible without Professor Akyuz. He brings immense experience on the table and has a plethora of contacts in Turkey which was evident through the nature of our meetings. It is no mean feat to be able to meet the largest conglomerate (Koc Holdings), that controls 10% of Turkey’s GDP! From financial services (private equity, stock exchange, IFC) to media and luxury goods, our meetings covered most of Turkey’s private sector which allowed us to gain a tighter grip on understanding Turkey’s political and business landscape.

Also, on a side note, if you want to be treated to a drink on a roof top bar, volunteer to be one of the bloggers.

Istanbul – We will be back soon!

Leb-i-Derya: The Bloggers (Ryan, Ashley and myself) enjoy an exclusive drink with Professor Akyuz with a view of the Bosphorus. #Topstuff



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