Beyond Expectations from Both Sides! (China CAP)

I cannot believe it is over! The presentation is delivered and we all moved on with our plans post CAP.

I will give an overview of our last minute project touch-ups and preparation, as well as of the presentation itself. Our team was very nervous for the presentation for multiple reason! First, we did not get that much time to practice, and second, the pressure was pretty high! Our client was a Chinese company and the experience we received was truly authentic! The night before we were polishing up the report, and the next morning at breakfast we were making sure the presentation had the right color scheme (at the end it didn’t only align with the color scheme preferred in Chinese culture, which is mainly red hues, but it also fit nicely with the interior of the clients’ conference room haha).

We were presenting in the afternoon so we had some time for the final run through. Then the bus picked us up to drive us the HQ. We arrived early, so we were welcomed in the reception/tea room for a casual conversation with the CEO and GM of Metropolo Brand, Mr. Meng Yu (I was about to faint at that point – was so nervous).  The presentation took 1.5 hours and went incredibly smooth (perhaps since we had Dr. Yu translate for us). Also, we were standing the whole time even though the client wanted us to sit down (probably was a better alternative because I was wearing heels and my feet were killing me!!!). We finally sat down when the presentation was finished and the CEO told us that we went “BEYOND HIS EXCITATIONS!!!” Needless to say we were all so ecstatic!!!

I must say that at the end the beyond expectations part was on both sides. We were so happy to leave the beyond expectations footprint in China, as it certainly did the same for us – it gave us the unforgettable experience, in both cultural and professional realms!

It was time to change real fast and hit up the ‘fake goods’ market and then head out for the farewell dinner at the Din Tai Fung restaurant (the dumpling place) – bitter sweet feeling! I will definitely be back China!

The Dream Team! Determined!

Staying focused during the presentation!

Our prefessor, Dr. Larry Yu, shakes the hand of Mr. Meng Yu, CEO and GM of Metropolo Brand.

Delivery beyond expectations! This is how we do it! 😉


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