2014 CAP Turkey= Duh, Winning: The Wrap-up and Boat Cruise Edition

Not bad digs for the evening huh?



May 21, 2014 concluded Turkey CAP’s illustrious exploration of Istanbul with a resounding exclamation point: a 4 hour booze cruise up and down the Bosphorus. Now, let’s be honest here: not only did we learn a great deal from being in this wonderful country, working with our client, Beymen and visiting various high-level organizations, but our CAP was unequivocally the best. Will there be dissent with my last statement? Sure. Will that dissent deserve even an iota of consideration? Absolutely not. 

Allow me to briefly demonstrate. At Turkey CAP we’re all about wearing multiple hats. As can be seen below, our extremely talented TA, Kirsten Stajich, doubles as a bar tender in our hotel, the Palazzo Donizetti when she isn’t expertly coordinating our events: 


Did you eat high-end Sea Bass caught bear-handed from the Bosphorus? Not if you didn’t attend Turkey CAP:


Did world renowned journalists ask for your autograph (kudos to Raj)? I’m sure this was a proud moment for Andrew Finkell, author of “Turkey what everyone needs to know.”


Did your client allow you access to cutting edge racing technology? Don’t think too hard because they did not. 


Did international interns working for NGOs openly admit how jealous they were and how they wished they could transfer to GW? (way to promote the brand, Lance and Joy): 


What about your boat (cough): Did it have Attila Bey, the world’s most interesting man and tour guide extraordinaire, along with superbly talented female colleagues in high-fashion evening wear? Try again. 


What about your client presentations. Did you pose on skyscrapers and then play with giant chess boards? Again, you did not. 


checkmate, rookies:


Last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss not to mention how wonderful our esteemed Professor Aykuz was, is and forever shall be. Professor Aykuz literally has most anything/anyone within a phone call’s reach for him, so needless to say, we were spoiled to have him as an instructor. 

I hope this has been instructional; I trust that it has been painful. And, with that, I bid you adieu, but not before another boat pic. 





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