Final Day in Rwanda – Norelga Investment Team

Today was our final presentation for our client, Norelga Macadamia Ltd. The morning started off with an email from one of our teammates, who had been working all night on edits.  The final draft with edits were completed at 2am, but the document did not save and the edits were lost.  She had to start from scratch.  As early as 5:30 she started receiving uplifting emails from the rest of her team, helping her to power through and finish the report.  The report was done by 7:30.

After she finished her revisions, we spent all morning practicing our parts of the project and fine-tuning the presentation together.  Exhausted but prepared, we were ready to leave the hotel.


Prior to our presentation, we had lunch with the rest of our classmates and our respective clients. It was a good time to chat informally about the client’s businesses and how everything was going. And, to enjoy some delicious Rwandan food – pureed spinach and onions, local squash, beans, chicken, rice, and of course Orange Fanta!


After lunch, we headed to the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to set up for our presentation. Luckily we had a computer with us that used a VGA connection—otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to use our PowerPoint. We presented our client with clear recommendations and analysis, and felt we gave a strong presentation reflecting our ideas.  The client didn’t ask too many questions, but we are expecting them to e-mail us later with many!


After chatting together after the presentation, we all took photos on the rooftop of the RDB.


Then, it was to the hotel bar for some libations and celebration!


We feel we have provided the client with recommendations they can use for their future business strategy. We have all learned so much about Rwanda, the culture and agribusiness in Rwanda.  The trip has been so rewarding, educational and fun!  We are sad to be leaving tomorrow. We HIGHLY recommend this CAP trip to next years first year GMBA students!


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