Argentina CAP – The glorious Argentina


A glimpse of San Telmo

A glimpse of San Telmo

Argentina is a glorious country with a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural heritages. Walking on the cobblestone street in the District of San Telmo, Buenos Aries, I always feel like I’m wandering in an Italian or Spanish small town. Highly recommend you to visit San Telmo district, sit down and enjoy the coffee with friends in a small plaza while breathing the fresh air in the morning and watching the elegant Tangle dance. Of course please feel free to search for some interesting antiques if you want, but be careful of the shocking price.

Full-day tour of Andes from Mendoza

Full-day tour of Andes from Mendoza

Mendoza is the wine capital in Argentina and Latin America. To me the most attractive part is the nearby Andes Mountain which separates Argentina and Chili. We spent a fantastic whole day in a remote resort and restaurant sitting on the foot of the Andes, riding horse, enjoy native music, drinking Mate and wine, of course as well as tasting the juicy steak. I hope we can stay there longer and have chance to hike in the deep Andes Mountain. But it’s also a good thing to expect a more wonderful second visiting in the future. I will be back soon!


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