RWANDA: Day 5, 6, & 7 – Safari & Stock Exchange

RWANDA: Day 5, 6, & 7 – East Africa Exchange, Stock Exchange, & The World Bank


On Friday we visited the East Africa Exchange where we learned about how Rwanda traded commodities and visited the Rwanda Stock Exchange. It is small now but it will grow!


We also visited The World Bank and spoke with the Agricultural Team Leader, who had several fun and interesting stories about President Kagame.

My team then had a brief meeting at Ikirezi with Dr. Hitiyama to run through the ideas we would present in our final presentation to make sure they aligned with his objectives. All went well and the team feels good about creating the final deliverables.


Day 6 & 7 – Safari!!!


Saturday we started off to Akagara Park, where we went on two safaris! Akagera National Park is 1,200km and covers three ecoregions: savannah, mountains, and swamps. They have warthogs, antelops, leopards, hyenas, hippos, zebras, giraffes (my favorite!), elephants, and a hundred different types of birds! Next year they will be introducing lions.

I noticed that there were a lot of animals. However, Steve pointed out pragmatically that there might not be so many after next year!

And now, some photos and fun facts (in no particular order):


Fun Fact: An elephant’s gestations period is 23 months. Whew!


Fun Fact: There are no alligators in Africa, only crocodiles.


Fun Fact: Water buffalo and elephants become angry and aggressive without females. An elephant who lost his mate when defeated in combat has even killed someone in his rampages.


Fun Fact: Zebras have individual patterns of stripes. A newborn zebra must stay close to its mother until it has memorized its mother’s stripes.


Fun Fact: Giraffes have a majestic walk. This is because they move both their left legs and then their right legs at the same time to move forward. Take a look (video not mine): Giraffe Walking


Fun Fact: Hippos eat about 21-25 kilos of grass a year.


What a wonderful weekend!


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