India CAP Team 4 Posting, eighth week

Varun again. This is the last blog entry for Team 4 of the India 2014 CAP. So many bittersweet feelings right now as I right this the night before our final presentation. This journey has been amazing and fun and the last few months have been a mix of excitement and anxiety and fun and challenge. I thank you, the reader, our clients, the Study Abroad office, and Professor Kanungo for providing this opportunity to blog about our work. I especially want to thank my great team for being, well… great.

This last week was pretty short. After our excursion into Agra, we went into a week of work. On Monday, we had the honor of presenting to Mindarika executives. They were very positive in their response, which is a great sign.


Presenting to the big wigs.

After our presentations, we went to get a better understanding of Foreign Direct Investment, by eating KFC!


Is KFC in India a joint venture or a licensing partnership?

But the fun on Monday didn’t stop there. Monday night, we battled dust, crowds, confusion about our seats, bad sandwiches, and warm soda to enjoy a night of great cricket action!


Something is going on the field… not sure what exactly…

On Tuesday, we did a lot of work. Given our location at one of Delhi’s finest hotels, this made our meetings, well… poolside. To mark the end of this great experience and to get something besides Indian food (in India? I know, I know), three-fourths of our team went to a great Chinese place. We even posed with some golden statues.


Three of these are not on Team 4… but which ones?

Tomorrow will be the last full day in Delhi, and for most of us, the last full day in India. It will also be a day of presenting to our clients, having our last dinner, and leaving with a great experience. Thanks again, everyone.


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