Highlights from Delhi – The Best of India CAP

We’re almost to the end of our time here in India, and my how the days have flown! Between the heat, tours of ancient ruins and automotive plants, high speed adventures on the India national highway, and elephant sightings, this has certainly been an experience of a lifetime. So here below are my top five highlights from India CAP:

5. The Food

It’s a given. Indian food is amazing! But what’s even more amazing is how much better it tastes here! Don’t be fooled. Your favorite local spot for tikka masala is not the real deal. I mean, nothing takes the cake like authentic Indian cuisine and being in Delhi to eat it—with your hands of course! One of my favorite places is Pindi in Pandara Market. Everything on the menu is superb.


Visit Pindi for some really good eats!


Manchurian Gobi, Mushroom Mutter, and Butter Chicken.

4. Indian Cricket

I am by no far an expert on the game (or even a fan), but being in a stadium packed full of screaming fans is always fun. The sport outing had its own Indian flare–veggie burgers made from spiced potatoes sold in the concession stands and Bollywood music blasted between plays to rouse the crowd.


India Premiere League cricket match: Kings XI Punjab against the Delhi Daredevils.


Morgan and Ebony enjoying the game with Professor Kanungo.

3. Elections of the 16th Lok Sabha

It was an unprecedented time in world history to be here during the elections of India’s lower house of Parliament, the Lok Sabha—the biggest democratic exercise ever, with over 800 million votes cast. The election results brought a new Prime Minister into office, Narendra Modi, and a sweeping majority for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 2.24.37 AM

Google homepage in India on the day the election results were announced.

2. The Taj Mahal

It goes without saying. The Taj Mahal is breathtakingly beautiful but also serenely divine. We went first thing in the morning and witnessed as the sun illuminated the marble surface of the mausoleum, highlighting all its splendor. There is nothing else like it in this world. To walk the tiles barefoot is a meditation of its own.


Taking it all in.


Women walking along the grounds of the Taj.

1. India CAP Team #3

We’ve had our highs and our lows, our triumphs and our struggles. But after eight weeks filled with early morning Skype calls to India, simulation modeling, PowerPoint slide revisions, laughs, cries, yawns, and sighs, our final presentation is tomorrow. It’s been such a learning experience working for an international client and figuring out how to structure our project to meet his needs. You have to LISTEN, ask lots of questions, and stay positive.


Team #3 working hard: Jumaan, our contact at Lumax, Nitin Juneja, Morgan, Ebony and Tom.


Final day at the client site: Morgan, Tom, Nitin Juneja, Jumaan, and Ebony.


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