Football Nation, Argentina FTW

The businesses we visited at both, Buenos Aires and Mendoza had innovative individuals that believed in their business plans like dreamers do. One of the people we met explained to us how Argentinians are a passionate lot and that they will go all out for ideas that they believe in.


Buenos Aires

The folks at Semtive, an innovative renewable energy startup, are a prime example of invocation. Their product consists of both, wind mill and a solar panel for street lighting. The windmill is designed such that it can operated under any type of directional wind and doesn’t require to be adjusted. It can also display advertising and thus instantly provides Semtive with an additional form of revenues. To go one step further they have carefully chose government contracts and markets so as to ensure stable revenues. Such exceptional ideas crop up in Argentina regularly, however attracting international financing is a struggle since the 2001 country default that has paralyzed the economy ever since.


Semtive Presentation at AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce)

Football is a religion and not a sport. Swarms of fans clad in blue and yellow crowded the La Boca stadium on last Sunday for the home game. The saying “Body by God and Feet by Maradona” is aptly coined. Diego Maradona also has a church dedicated to him here and is a local legend. His story is a story of struggle in the boondocks and perseverance that won Argentina the World Cup. Every Argentinian can identify with this maestro and gives him the credit he deserves.


Argentinian Swagger

The Cowboys here ‘Gauchos’ hosted us amongst the mighty Andes. We shared mate’ together which is a tea sharing activity which is a symbol of acceptance into the inner circle. Asado (Grilled Meats) followed with copious amounts of wine. This was followed by horse back riding on the ranch. The Argentinian horses are easily the most mild natured elegant beasts I have come across. They trotted with vigor that validates existence and yet were as easy to handle as you would a car. We are about to depart this land with a heavy heart and hope that fate brings us back to this place with warm people and pleasant weather.       Image

Expedition in the Andes



TEAM TANGO Consists of: Hannes Holtlege, Diana Robledo, Ernesto Cancho Rodriguez, Aaditya Saple & Vinu Varghese



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