Encounter with IMPSA (CAP ARGENTINA: Team TANGO)

The site visit to IMPSA was everything and more that we were expecting at a plant that produces heavy machinery such as Hydro turbines. Our hosts welcomed us with warm smiles and showed us around their plant, a visit that lasted over two hours. Hydro blades were in different stages of production, from welding to the runner to being drilled into by gigantic drilling machines. Some of these machines take years to install and cost $10 – $15 million.


IMPSA site visit



IMPSA Presentation

IMPSA’s Mario and Pablo invited both the teams for lunch, to IMPSA’s personal winery. Wine here can be more associated with a ritual rather than necessarily a drinking activity. Hence, it is important to understand a culture’s likes and dislikes and be able to understand this in reference to context, in an objective manner.



IMPSA Winery



Apart from the dissimilarities we were also able to notice the similarities. Being a global company IMPSA operates like one. Through the culture is different the structure and function of the company is comparable to any leading global company.                               

Finally one of the biggest business lesson we learnt is that simply having a superior product or home advantage isn’t enough. Companies need to have a smart mix of products, marketing, finance and downstream integration. Company strategy cannot be relied simply on core advantage. With the ever increasing global business integration, it makes sense for companies to stay on their toes, even if they operate in protected markets. 


IMPSA Meeting Room

TEAM TANGO consists of: Hannes Holtlege, Diana Robledo, Ernesto Cancho Rodriguez, Aaditya Saple & Vinu Varghese


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