Become a global competitor

Our Shanghai trip is approaching the end so our activities have more focused on business visits instead of tours. In the past few days we have visited a brand new Marriott hotel and the Jin Jiang E-commerce Company. The new Marriott Hotel Parkview “wowed” many of us when we walked in – magnificent hotel lobby, breathtaking parkview from guest rooms and huge ballrooms that can hold events such as wedding, exhibitions and business meetings. I was also very impressed by the site visit at the Jin Jiang E-commerce Company. There we met with the development team of mobile apps. In a very spacious office there are about 50 developers and engineers busy working on the development projects for the Jin Jiang travel app and hotel reservation system. The idea of “intelligent hotel” is just fascinating – Jin Jiang is working on developing a mobile app that will enable hotel guests to use this mobile app as room key and also use their smart phone to control the lights and other electronics in their hotel rooms. I was excited about this – image you no longer have to carry a hotel key or worry about losing it. And no longer have to get up to turn the bathroom light off when you are already in bed.
Today we came to our last site visit location – the prestigious Fudan University. We had the pleasure to meet with the dean of the tourism school at Fudan and discuss with him about the development of tourism industry in China. In the past three decades the economic reform in China has changed life style in China significantly. Chinese families began to own cars and drive around the country for vacation and site seeing. More wealthy families also started travelling abroad, quickly becoming main contributors to luxury vacation and shopping. Without a shadow of doubt, we believe China tourism industry will continue growing fast and look forward to seeing more tourism areas opened up for tourists from all over the world.
We felt time in Shanghai flow by too fast and reall hoped we have a few more days to see Shanghai. But the trip has been great and we really appreciated this CAP opportunity for us to come to a country with 5000 years of history and witness the amazing transformation Shanghai has gone through. We love Shanghai – the “eastern pearl” of the world!


Visiting the brand new Marriott Hotel Parkview


Meeting at the Fudan University Tourism School


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