Group 2, India CAP: Week 6 (May, 12th)


It is our first full week in New Delhi, India and our group is hitting the ground running. We are staying at the beautiful Taj Mahal Hotel and the service is unparalleled. Our butler even ensures that we get a power strip with American outlets so that we are able to charge all of our laptops and still get a lot of work done. The breakfasts are delicious and it has been interesting as everyone in the class tastes the Indian cuisines.

On Sunday of our sixth week, we take the day to immerse ourselves in Indian culture and visit various spots throughout Delhi. One of our first stops is at the Qutb Minar and Mosque. The Qutb Minar is made of beautiful red sandstone and marble, it was described as the equivalent of a “lighthouse”, guiding the way to the mosque that is built next to it. After that visit, we take a bus ride to one of the local markets which was jam-packed with local Delhi citizens looking for deals on clothes, electronics, and other various items.

This is the Qutb Minar, standing at 100 meters tall.

This is the Qutb Minar, standing at 100 meters tall.

A picture of one of the Delhi Markets that we visited

A picture of one of the Delhi Markets that we visited

Monday through Friday of our sixth week we started our busy schedule of meeting our clients and getting tours of the various factories. We spent Monday meeting with Maruti Suzuki and their Center for Excellence (MACE) which works with Maruti Suzuki’s various vendors to ensure quality products and information symmetry. We gave our preliminary presentations and heard from the various managers so that we could realize what work needed to be done for the week. On Tuesday through Friday, we went to visit our client, Subros. We were able to meet with various directors within the company which helped us collect information about the problem. We also got more tours of the plants that Subros uses to manufacture their A/C components and other components that are a part of their product portfolio. Our client has definitely been keeping us busy but it helps to know that we are learning a lot about supply chain management and potentially providing an actionable solution for our client. We look forward to what next week might have in store for us!

The group at our client site, Subros.

The group at our client site, Subros.

Post written by Patrick Legendre


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