Client Visit – First Meeting

First impressions are the last ones. All team members were dressed in their best professional attire and excited for this day. It was game time. It was our first meeting with the client, Beymen and was exciting simply because after several Skype sessions over the last few months, we were finally meeting our project coordinators in person. This was our opportunity to interact with them and have an engaging discussion regarding our project ideas and the direction we are heading in. As true consultants, we had to limit the information we shared with the client initially and save our big ideas for the final presentation. The element of surprise was important.

Overall, we received constructive feedback on certain areas, which we incorporated into our final report and presentation. The client’s perspective on the Turkish culture and how it interrelates with the fashion industry was particularly helpful. We also learned about Beymen’s strongest growth areas and were able to get a better grip over the industry after visiting Turkey and experiencing it first-hand.

Beymen Entrance:


Project Teams interacting with the Beymen CEO and their respective project coordinators over lunch:




After the first interaction with our client, we are gearing up for the final presentation and are looking forward to putting on a good show!


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