Ikirezi Ops Team: Tea, Tennis, Pigs, Kids, & Banana Beer – Oh My

The Rwandistas, as Dr. Click, likes to call us, went on a great tour of the some of the larger agribusinesses in Rwanda, and even East Africa. It was supposed to show a bit of what our clients could aspire to.

First, the Sorwathe Tea Plantation

Here are some of Yi’s photos from the visit:


After, we had lunch at the guest house that sits on the ridge nearby. Much to our delight, there was a tennis court and ping pong table directly next to our lunch table and overlooking the valley below.

Then, we saw Sina Gerard, one of the most success businesses in the region, and named after the entrepreneur himself. We met with Mr. Sina at the end of the tour!

We saw the school he created on top of a mountain, where his company basically does R&D testing plants to grow for their products before giving them to local farmers and coops to grow, and even some of Mr. Sina’s animals. It’s still a little unclear why he had pigs and rabbits, but it was definitely an experience.





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